Gambia Agricultural Market Information System


Introductory Paragraph

In all the market surveys conducted, most of the data/information is obtained by direct investigation through face-to-face interviews where Prices are solicited from respondents coupled with physical weighing of the commodities in order to make a vivid determination of the price /Kilo of a commodity.

Market data is collected from regular markets on a frequency of two collections per week on Mondays and Thursdays whereas for lumo’s or weekly market, data is collected once a week to be dictated by the agreed day for the lumo prevailing in the locality.

Retail prices are collected from two respondents who are active retail sales men/women and this is observed at each market visit for the concerned commodities. Observations made are in Dalasi / unit, kilo / unit and Dalasi / kilo and characterized by Unit Codes and Commodity Codes (This describes the different categories of commodities e.g. Cereals, Vegetable etc.)

For each observation, type of seller per commodity, origin of the commodity and the type of market place from which the observed commodity originated are all collected on. (cf Market Monitoring Questionnaire Appendix Table 06)